The new 9th edition of the AAWE Guide to Education in France features a directory of hundreds of bilingual and international schools.

On March 18th, AAWE and AARO co-sponsored a very informative U.S. Citizenship Conference via Zoom.  The Chargé d’Affaires, Consul General and consular staff were very pleased to be with us and spared no efforts to give the clearest answers possible to many questions.

The heinous attacks on Tuesday, March 16th which resulted in eight deaths in Atlanta demand serious action on the subject of Asian-American and Pacific-Islander bias.
A racist attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.

We have reviewed the extent of the lockdown and have determined that Consular appointments may continue under the provision of appointment for public services. In the last lockdown in October 2020, our applicants were able to come to the Embassy for their appointments. We presume the same conditions will pertain this time.

We are excited to announce the recent publication of the 2nd edition of our post-secondary education guide, Beyond the Bac – Higher Education in France and Abroad (Feb. 2020).
Considering pursuing your higher education in France or internationally? Especially relevant to students with a French secondary school education, this latest edition of Beyond the Bac is also directed to international students who are contemplating furthering their education abroad.

No matter what our political affiliation or our feelings about the results of the presidential elections might be, the attack on the Capitol by a mob of protesters on Wednesday was frightening to all of us who live overseas. It is reassuring to see that the American institutions stood fast and continued to function.
– Beth Austin, President

AAWE is raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in order to help governments around the world achieve these ambitious goals by 2030!

As overseas Americans, we are far away from the 24/7 coverage of the protests in the U.S around Black Lives Matter, and missing out on the face-to-face discussions with American family, friends, and co-workers on this issue. For each of us in our own way, the recent events that started with George Floyd’s murder may be more difficult to process at a distance.