To clean a really grungy looking toilet, use straight vinegar.  For tough lime deposits, shut off the water supply to the tank and scoop out as much residual water as possible and then pour warmed vinegar in the bowl. Let set for 2 hours.  Sometimes the ‘corners’ need to be scrubbed with a decommissioned toothbrush or chop stick (plastic and wood will not scrap the enamel). Use a spray bottle of vinegar for floor and outside the bowl clean up.

Damien’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Mix ½ cup of sodium bicarbonate with ¼ cup white vinegar and several drops of essential oil (lemon, tea tree, or pine). Pour into the toilet bowl. Let it bubble, and then scrub with toilet brush. This mixture cleans, removes tartar, disinfects, and perfumes.

Toilet Bombs:
40 g citric acid
120 g bicarbonate
15 drops EO (lavender, lemon, …)

Mix the three ingredients, then slowly add water until the mixture becomes compact when compressed. Take care to add the water slowly. If you add too quickly and it bubbles up, it’s too late!
Press into ice cube trays or other mold and let dry overnight.
Remove from the molds and store in a jar. Use one or two to disinfect, deodorize and detarter the toilet, leaving to dissolve for 20 minutes or so.