Make Your Own Surface Scrub Cleaner

Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Tip: For exceptionally tough jobs spray with vinegar first – full strength or diluted – let sit and follow with the scrub.

For hard water locations, like Paris: baking soda or salt (or combination of both) with 10-15 drops essential oil to scent. Mix and store in glass. To use, sprinkle and add water.

For locations with soft water: 2 cups baking soda, ½ cup to 2/3 cup liquid castille soap (avoid those that contain sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate (SLS) or Diethanolamine (DEA)), 4 teaspoons vegetable glycerin (a preservative), (optional) 5 drops of essential oil such as lavender or tea tree. Mix and keep in a sealed glass jar for up to 2 years.
Other scent combinations to add to cleaners  are: (1) lemon peels and fresh rosemary; or (2) fresh eucalyptus branches/leaves and tea tree oil. Then, let the combos sit for 1 week to infuse. (*But then you need to have a use for the lemons, otherwise, it’s not a zero-waste activity!)

To see how it’s done, there’s a very short video here: