Make your own laundry detergent
Internet recipes essentially call for: equal parts washing soda and baking soda plus 2 parts grated soap. Mix in blender to reduce all to a powder. Use 1 tbsp per wash.

Mary Ellen’s Dry Detergent:
• For places with hard water, like Paris:
• 1 cup grated palm-oil-free castille soap
• 1 cup washing soda
• 1 cup baking soda
• For soft water locations:
o    1 cup grated castille soap
o     ¼ cup washing soda
o    ½ cup baking soda
Mix ingredients together and store in a glass container.
Use 1 tablespoon per load (2 for heavily soiled laundry).
Wash in warm or cold water.

Some of our members leave out the soap entirely, as it leaves deposits in the machine and on the laundry when the water is hard.

Doing laundry without soap:
Put 1 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp washing soda in detergent section of machine.
If you wish whites or colors to be brighter, sprinkle 1-2 tbsp. sodium percarbonate (percarbonate de soude), available in organic stores) directly over laundry in drum.
Optional: 3 bio soap nuts (noix de lavage bio) in a little web sack in drum – may be reused up to a dozen times, basically until they crumble.

Liquid Detergent
Dissolve 50 g soap flakes (Savon de Marseille) in 1 liter of hot water. Add 3 tbsp sodium bicarbonate. Let cool and then put in robot or blender. Add 30 to 50 drops essential oil of choice (lemon to whiten and deodorize, lavender for bedding or skin, tea tree for disinfecting. For just the scent, Ylang-Ylang, peppermint, grapefruit…)
Shake vigorously before use.
Commercial product recommended by one member:

NOTE: Not everyone agrees with DIY laundry solutions. Here is another point of view: