Dissolve ¼ c. soap flakes (Savon de Marseille) in 4 liters hot water.

Add 4 tbsp white vinegar and 2 tbsp sodium bicarbonate.
Mix, let the bubbling die down, then pour into a spray bottle.
This mixture can be used for all kinds of daily purposes.

Create an all purpose cleaner with 50/50 vinegar and water, with orange peels and peppermint essential oils. Then you can eat the oranges! 😉 A fully zero-waste activity.

Other scent combos to offer are: (1) lemon peels and fresh rosemary; or (2) fresh eucalyptus branches/leaves and tea tree oil. Then, let the combos sit for 1 week to infuse. (*But then you need to have a use for the lemons, otherwise, it’s not a zero-waste activity!)

To see how it’s done, there’s a very short video here: