AAWE has incredible talent! This year, as American (often dual-national) women straddling cultures, we have started two projects to share our visions with the public: Corona Tales Blog and an AAWE Art Lit Magazine. Although mainly in English, the blog is a creative step in bonding with a larger international community. Our first full issue of the Magazine, which will be dedicated to the theme of Women and Nature, is intended for 2021.

For my part, members know me mostly through my contributions to the News over the decades. An Art Historian by profession, I love writing: poetry, essays, art history research, translations, editing, helping others write… I started producing poetry at age 12 and have never stopped. As an adolescent it was a way to express myself without getting arbitrarily punished in a tyrannical household. Rapidly poetry became my own private language. I understand how repressive governments inadvertently produce underground writers who fully exploit the potential of symbols and metaphor to effect change.
The Corona Tales Blog and our future Art Lit Magazine are a means to showcase AAWE creativity. Corona Tales reflects the spirit of Boccaccio and Chaucer: creative entertainment during confinement on the one hand, and travel on the other through storytelling, poetry, essays, artwork, and photography. We started with a simple question: what are members creating, thinking imagining during confinement? Let us show you our dreams…

-Christine Rolland