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For the 15th of every month, otherwise it risks being posted the following month. We are continuing through the summer.

Dear Readers,
As editor, I’m thrilled with our members’ contributions, and especially the newest submissions! We have lots of new things in the process of being posted – paintings, photos, stories, songs, diary, poetry… The wealth of imagination, the variety of expression, and the incredible techniques applied by our contributors will make your day.
A taste of what’s in store:

“Churchill”: pots, pans, and appliances rebel in the kitchen during confinement
Blind Gretel outwits the sorceress in “Hansel and Gretel”
Yesterday Revisited
She’ll be coming around the Mountain – or will she?
Confinement Diary. Definition: a woman unable to leave the house or bed from sickness or childbirth, 1772. What changes!
Our news is that we are planning to go public with this blog in the next month or so. Being public means you will no longer have to sign in. Instead, one click and voilà, you will be at the blog, and you will be able to share it with your friends and networks.
Corona Tales will become part of our community outreach even as it gives us a new look, a breath of fresh air, a chance to break out of our boxes and look at the world differently. Everyone in AAWE is invited to participate, individually and collectively. Already members of our writing group, Write Now, are actively submitting wonderfully imaginative works. Artists, photographers, poets, fiction writers – all of you are welcome here.

You are also welcome collectively – all the different little subgroups in AAWE, such as seniors, the Environmental Task Force, Younger Wonders, whatever your activity – we encourage you to come up with imaginative group projects and submissions focussed on your thing, or, as the French say, your dada.

Enjoy, contemplate, and we hope you will return again and again to our page!

Looking forward to hearing from you.