Tired of scanning labels to see what’s in your cleaning products?
Tired of paying a fortune for a lot of toxic chemicals?
Tired of the quantity of plastic containers being sent to landfill in the name of a clean house?

The Environmental Task Force was created to explore ways of transiting to more sustainable life styles. We search out how to reduce the amount of waste we produce at our events, and in our homes and daily lives. One way we can reduce our carbon footprint is by creating our own cleaning substances out of every day products rather than consuming commercial toxic cleaners.

We decided to start with making our own cleaning products and find our living space is
• cleaner
• smells better
• stays cleaner longer.
• produces less plastic waste
• less expensive!

Win, win, and win!

We recommend purchasing in bulk wherever possible (and in function of the space you have available) and using LESS than amounts given in most instructions. Often, for example, detergents recommend four or five times the quantity actually necessary for getting a load of laundry clean using homemade recipes.
Furthermore, research suggests we don’t need – and shouldn’t necessarily have – completely germ-free environments, as we do need to develop antibodies.